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High speed video and photography
Analysis of testing objects at impact i.e. vests, helmets, fabrics etc.
Stability analysis of projectiles
Angle of attack testing of projectiles
Stroboscopes for high speed video and photography
Model Features Lamp Distance/Illumation
Drelloscop 1504 HL 4052
Stroboscope Drelloscop 1504 Long-time single flash unit. Supply unit with adjustable flash duration and separate high-performance lamp.
For illumination of fast moving objects when recording with high-speed cameras.
Flash half width 20 ms.
Flash energy 2040 Ws (equivalent to a d.c. light source of 102,000 Watt.)
Drelloscop 1510
Stroboscope Drelloscop 1510 Ultra high-speed flash device for photographing very fast moving objects Xenon cylinder spark flashtube integrated
High speed camera
 High speed camera DRELLO delivers different brands of cameras according to your application.
Please contact our sales team for a detailed and professional advice.
Devices for special applications available on request
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