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Measuring the projectile velocity or time of flight
Quality assurance of ammunition
Quality assurance of short- and long weapons
Documentation of material tests
Light screens
Model Features
LS 11
 LS 11 Infrared light screen
Measuring the velocity and rate of fire. All small calibers
Velocity: 10 - 1000 m/s
Measurement error: ± 3.0 ‰ To be used with VC 4043 or IMS 8500
LS 23
 LS 23 Infrared precision light screen
High-precision measuring of velocity and rate of fire
All calibers up to 40 mm, including small shot
Floor, wall or tripod mounting possible
Velocity: 50 - 2000 m/s
Measurement error: ± 1.0 ‰
To be used with VC 4043 or IMS 8500
LS 66
 LS 66 Infrared light screen
Designed to be used in stab protection testing systems.
To be used with VC 4043 or IMS 8500
Measuring systems
Model Features
VC 4043-09
 VC 4043-09 Velocity computer
Mikroprozessorgesteuerte Messung der Geschoßgeschwindigkeit
Microprocessor-controlled velocity measurement.
Two independent measuring channels.
Statistical evaluation functions
Optional connection to a PC
IMS 8500-1
 IMS 8500-1 Intelligent measuring system
Two independent velocity channels.
1 rate of fire channel up to 10000 rounds/minute.
To be used with software package INLOC.
Model Features
 INLOC Modular software package INLOC
Modules for measurement of velocity (VMS), measurement of rate of fire (RMS) and gas pressure measurement (TRS)
Operating system MS-Windows XP or newer.
Devices for special applications on request
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