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Seed counting, filling and treating systems

DRELLO counting and filling devices which are unrivalled worldwide provide an economic and gentle handling of your seeds. There is no vibration due to puller feed thus avoiding selection of the seeds by size and density, as is the case with other systems

In combination with our batch treater counting, treating and filling of your seeds can be made in one step.

Seed and seed production factories
Counting and treating systems
Model Features
MZ 2000
 MZ 2000 Economic and gentle handling of the grains.
No selection of the grains by size and density.
Additional cleaning of glumes and grain breaks by means of puller feed.
Easy to operate
Precise results
MZB 2600
 MZB 2600 Batch and laboratory treating device made of stainless steel
Large grain funnel
Uniform wetting by mordant
Aspiration of treating vapours and dust
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