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Stroboscopes - Product finder
The DRELLO Product Finder is an easy-to-handle tool to quickly find the most appropriate stroboscope for your application from our wide product range. Entering the name of the unit will guide you directly to the stroboscope you are looking for. You may also enter the required technical criteria and the Product Finder will select all units relevant for your application.
DRELLO Product Finder
Enter the name of the unit you are looking for
or select below the features which you require.
Unit design Stroboscope with integrated lamp Stroboscope with stationary lamp Stroboscope with hand lamp Stroboscope for light conductors Hand held stroboscope
Illumination Xenon LED
Supply Mains supply 230 VAC Mains supply 115 VAC Battery
Flash rate control Manually Externally
Functions Measured value display Phase shifter Slow motion
Flash rate Single flash up to 100 Hz up to 200 Hz up to 300 Hz up to 450 Hz
Other frequencies on request!
Shape of illumination Circular Rectangular
Features / Options UV light Colored filter Splash-proof Explosion-proof Video trigger
Remote control RS232 interface

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