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Single flash unit in compact design with built-in high power quartz flashtube.

Designed for large area illumination for photography of fast moving objects with high speed video cameras.
Technical data
Flash rate control: By external TTL-signal, in addition manual triggering
Flash range: max. 3 min-1
Flash energy: approx. 100 Joule/flash
Half life period of
the flash:
25 µs ± 5 µs

Illuminated area: approx. 2 m x 1 m at a distance of 4 m
Power supply: 230 V, optionally 115 V mains supply
Housing: swivel-mounted design on baseplate, splash-proof, protection class IP 64
Dimensions: W=550 mm, H=350 mm, D=420 mm (without baseplate)
Light source Distance/Illumination
Quartz flashtube and reflector integrated in the unit
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