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Industrial stroboscope with highest light intensity for continuous operation in 3-shift process. With two separate lamps and remote control. For visual quality control of surfaces.

Steel industry, for visual quality control of cold rolled, galvanised, zinc coated or coated sheet metals.
Technical data
Flash rate control: Internally: by manual adjustment on the remote control unit Externally: through direct current 0...10 V (tachometer generator), through control current 0...20 mA (optional).
Flash range: 60 ... 130 flashes/s
Display: 5 decades, LEDs 12 mm high, in min-1 und s-1
Power supply: 230 V AC
115 V AC (option)
Dimensions: Supply Unit Drelloscop 1092:
B=500 mm, H=500 mm, T=225 mm

Remote Control Unit Drelloscop 1090FB:
B=210 mm, H=288 mm, T=90 mm

2 pieces of Lamps LE 4149:
each B=560 mm, H=345 mm, T=327 mm
Light source Features Distance/Illumination
Lamp LE 4149
Two lamps LE 4149 with high-power quartz flashtubes, alternatively for single or parallel operation. Wide beaming rectangular reflectors. Splash-proof and dust-proof housing. Cable length 10 m standard, application-oriented up to 100 m available.
  Illumination Calculator
Enlarged illumination by increasing the distance of the lamp.
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