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Long-time flash trigger unit. Consisting of supply unit with adjustable flash period. Separate lamp with built in quartz flash tube.

For illumination and photography of fast moving objects when making records with high speed cameras.
Flash half width 20 ms
Flash energy 2040 Joule per flash. Equivalent to a d.c. light source of 102,000 Watt respectively 102 kW.
Easy handling and set-up
Technical data
Flash rate control: Externally by electric pulses 5 ... 15 Vs.
In addition manual triggering possible by internal and external close contact
Flash range: max. 0,8 min-1 (Stand-by display by LED)
Half width of the flash: 20 ms
Flash energy: 2040 Ws
Power supply: 230 V ±10%, 50-60 Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H): 19" desktop unit, optionally available as rack insert module
470 mm x 420 x 185 mm
Weight: approx. 17,5 kg
Light source Distance/Illumination
Lamp LE 4052/10
Lamp with narrow beam rectangular reflector.
Light metal die-cast housing, protection class IP 55.
Connection cable with plug, length 2 m.
Mounting bracket for stationary and tripod mounting.
Accessory: Flashtube 104-1

An example of a ballistic application

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