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3015 HI

Digital hand held stroboscope with high light intensity. For universal application. Compact, with built-in quartz flashtube, measured value display, phase shifter and attachable battery.
Increased intensity: High intensity up to 60 Watt.

Machine construction and electro-technics
Automobile industry
Optimisation of production processes
Synchronism control on gears and belt drives
Speed control on motors, ventilators, and drive assemblies
Control and observation at paper machines, in wet and dry areas
Technical data
Flash rate control: Internally: by manual adjustment
Externally: by electric pulses or available sensors
Functions: Phase shifter (electronic shifting of the observation position)
Flash range: 30 ... 25,000 flashes/min or 0.5 ... 416 flashes/s
Display: 5 decades, LED´s 12 mm high, in min-1, s-1, or degrees
Power supply: 12 V-DC, by attachable battery
Dimensions: W=85 mm, H=295 mm, D=150 mm
Options: Separate power supply unit for 100...240 V mains supply
Focused light
Tripod mounting
Light source Distance/Illumination
Quartz flashtube and reflector integrated in the unit
  Illumination Calculator
Option 3015-10
Spot reflector for focused light distribution.
  Illumination Calculator
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