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LAMP 4300

Multifunctional hand lamp with permanently connected spiral cable or stretched cable. Ergonomic handle. Specially developed round reflectors in facetted and structured design or optics for the LED hand lamps guarantee optimum light guiding and homogenous illumination.

Very low-weight hand lamp
High-intensity and homogeneous illumination
4-fold optics, narrow beam (spot)
Magnetic holder with screw connection
Detachable handle for fixed mounting
Camera thread UNC 1/4"
Comprehensive accessories
Flash operation via ON / OFF switch
Operating side Right
Operating side Right
Additional information
LAMP 4300
In the standard version, the lamp is equipped with a magnetic holder
Technical data
Height / width / depth: 215 / 94 / 62 mm
Weight: approx. 0,9 kg
Connection cable
Cable length: 0.9 / 2 m spiral cable, not detachable
Electrical equipment
Power supply: via DRELLOSCOP C300 control device
Operating time: continuous operation
Illuminated area: Ø 150 mm @ 300 mm object gap
Illumination strength: 6500 lx @ 300 mm object gap;
measured at 100 Hz und 25 μs flash duration
Optics: 4-fold optics, narrow beam (spot)
Flash properties
Flash half-life period: 25 µs @ 100 Hz
Colour temperature: 5800 ... 6200 Kelvin
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature: 0 ... +40°C
Storage temperature: -20 ... +60°C
Degree of protection: IP54
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