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DRELLO your partner in Ballistics
DRELLO offers many ballistic measuring instruments for capture of inner and outer ballistic measuring data and also for the capture of target data. Many years of experience in designing and manufacturing innovative measuring instruments ranging from sensors, evaluating devices and software up to custom-made solutions are the key to the global success of our instruments.
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For small and medium calibers, weapon fixtures, firing rests and firing units.

Gas pressure
Gas pressure measuring of ammunition. Measuring of characeristical powder data in manometric pressure devices.

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Rate of fire
Measuring the rate of fire of automatic rifles or machine guns.

Velocity & time
Measuring the projectile velocity or time of flight.
Electronic target systems
Optical or acoustical measuring of the impact coordinate with graphical analysis.
Material testing / forensics
Measuring devices for running time, delay and response sensitivity.

High speed photography / video
Short and long duration flash light. Systems for high speed pictures using reflected light or Schlieren photography.

Special solutions
Systems for measuring the angle of attack of a projectile, measuring a detonation flash or explosion flashes from shells. Quality control of tracer ammunition.
Bore sight telescope, calibre bars etc.
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Nuremberg, Germany
2. - 5.3.2023

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We advise on measurement equipment of firing ranges and firing tunnels.
Special devices

Calibrators and simulators
Tamper-proof shot counter