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Special devices

Based on many years expert knowledge in designing and producing efficient innovative measuring devices we are able to offer custom-made solutions for your particular demands in production, R&D and quality assurance.

LS 375
Low cost web inspection system.
For hole and crack detection on running non-transparent material webs like aluminium foils, packaging foils or paper webs.

LS 375
Final control during foils or paper production and during processing of all non transparent web materials.
Detection of faulty areas before processing, for example on printing machine.
Quality assurance on rewinders and making up machines.
Control Example
Control Example
Product explanation
An infra-red light barrier scans the material web non-contact and over the full size (holohedral). By this faulty spots, as holes and cracks larger than 4 mm, are detected. In case a faulty spot is detected, a separate control unit gives an optical and accoustic alarm signal.
Moreover three alarm-active floating alternating contacts are available for assignment up to customer‘s choice (machine stop, etc.)
Due to the easy installation, connection and handling of the system, a problem-free application for most different processes and also on various machine types is possible. The system is not suitable for transparent material webs.
Technical data
Accuracy of measurement:: > 4 mm
Maximum web width:: 550 mm
Maximum web speed:: 300 m/min. (optional more)
Power supply:: 230 VAC
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