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DRELLO - Flashlight stroboscopy
Stroboscopes are used for fast repeating motions, the single phases of which are not perceivable for the human eye. An apparent standstill can be achieved and visualised by this.
A further application is the non-contact measurement of the speed of motions.

DRELLO develops and manufactures high-quality industrial stroboscopes for various applications in R&D, in production and for quality assurance.

Our product range offers for all stroboscopic applications most suitable stroboscopes.

● Compact hand held stroboscopes with battery and mains supply
● Stroboscopes with separate lamps
● Stroboscope systems for stationary application

For special applications we modify systems from our standard stroboscope range or design a suitable system according to your demand.

And if you are not sure - a DRELLO test unit will convince you!
We exhibit:

Labelexpo Europe
Bruxelles, Belgium

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The DRELLO product finder helps you quickly and easily to select the most appropriate stroboscope for your application from our wide product range.
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