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The C300 series flashlight stroboscope with measured value display was developed especially for professional use in a harsh industrial environment. It consists primarily of a control device and the separate LED lighting unit.

front view
Superior LED flash technology
Short flash duration for brilliant image definition
Natural colour rendering
Infinite brightness control
Internal manual control to 600 Hz
External control with image position shift in real-time and slow motion
Slow-motion start/stop function
Universal trigger input for all requirements
Easy handling
right left rear view left operating side right illumination
right left rear view left operating side right illumination
Additional information
Control device
The flash sequence is controlled either via "Manual Control" also called automatic control or alternatively via "External Control" via external control impulses. High-performance image position shifting and excellent slow-motion function support the "External Control" operating mode. The clearly arranged control panel with large keypads, a rotary adjustor with recessed grip and a high-quality LED display stand for a well thought-out operating concept.
The DRELLOSCOP C300 device series is equipped with a variety of connections for synchronisation, voltage supply and serial interface control (optional). The rotating lamp plug connector on the device side is a special feature. This makes it possible for the first time to adapt the cable outlet individually to the circumstances of the installation site.
Comprehensive accessories
The magnetic holder, mounting foot or wall mount are the perfect complements for simple assembly. Various sensors are available on request especially for your application.
Technical data
Height / width / depth: 142 / 230 / 85 mm
Weight: approx. 1,4 kg
Internal control: 120 ... 36000 min-1 or 2 ... 600 sec-1
External control: via control impulses 0 ... 60000 min-1 or 0 ... 1000 s-1
Flash energy control: automatic, depending on the flash sequence or manual by rotary adjustor
Image shift: real-time image shifting with short response time to frequency changing
Measured value display: 7-segment LED display / number height approx. 12 mm / red colour / 5-digit
Interface: RS-232 optional
Power supply: 5 ... 25 VDC
Operating time: continuous operation
Ambient temperature: 0 ... +40°C
Storage temperature: -20 ... +60°C
Degree of protection: IP51
Illumination strength: 6500 lx @ 200 mm object gap, measured at 100Hz and 25µs flash duration (DRELLOSCOP LAMP 4300 LED)
Light source Distance/Illumination
Drelloscop C300
with LAMP 4300

Lamp 4300
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